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Gypsy3When we heard Gypsy’s story we immediately felt like we had to do something. We weren’t looking for another dog, but when we saw the pictures we couldn’t help ourselves.

When we met Gypsy she was very timid and did not like anyone getting near her face; she would growl if you got too close. After taking her home for a “trial” weekend, it only took a couple of days for that to stop. At first our other female dog did not like her, but now they are bed buddies.Gypsy had been taken home and returned to the shelter a lot before we got her so we are continuing to work to show her that she is really home now, but we think she is figuring it out. Even the vet commented that she could tell Gypsy was attached to us already and was glad she had found us. We look forward to getting to know Gypsy better and spending many years together.–Christina McLane

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