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SmugglerSmuggler came to us several months ago. When I would walk by his cage he would snarl, growl and show teeth. I didn’t hold much hope for this grumpy ole man but thank goodness Volunteer Karen Richardson did. She took him under her wing and started working with him. I still wasn’t convinced but karen was, she used her own money and scheduled training classes for Smuggler with Jo Cook. Karen and Smuggler did amazing and 1 week after Smuggler graduated he was adopted to John Lowe. Amazing!!

Because of Karen’s caring, John Lowe, Smuggler’s new Human is saved as well. John stopped by the Shelter on Easter lonely and looking for a companion. Although we weren’t open he looked like he needed a friend so we¬†opened the door to John and chatted with him for a while.¬†Through more conversation, we thought that Smuggler might be a perfect match for Lowe. They met and seemed to get a long. John decided to come back the next day and adopt him. Monday came and went and John didn’t show, but Tuesday, John showed up. He said he couldn’t stand not taking Smuggler home another day.He has renamed him Scrappy and introduced him to television. When his neighbors happen into his home and let Scrappy out, he tells them “you let him out you get to chase him” and they do always bringing Scrappy back to John with open arms. John says Scrappy saved his life, he is no longer lonely and they take care of each other!!

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