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What to do BEFORE he gets lost!

There are a few things to do before your pooch wanders off.  These simple steps will help us bring Fido home faster.

Take Pictures

Take pictures of your animal showing them from the front and side.  Think mug shots, as the pictures are for identification.  If you lose your animal, these will help get them returned.  You can use them on flyers, post them on Facebook, and you can send them to us when you report the animal as lost.

Microchip your Animal

If your animal is microchipped it will make it easier and faster for the finder to get your animal back to you.  We scan for chips and so can veterinarians.  If your animal is chipped, make sure that the company has your current information.  If you move or change your phone number you will need to contact them and update the information.  There is usually a small fee associated with this, but it is worth it to ensure your animal is returned.

Get A Dog License

Not only is it the law that dogs need to be licensed, but it helps us find the owner when the dog is lost.  We can look up licenses for Logan County and can contact the Auditor’s office in other counties for information.

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